Marathon Training: Back on track with bumps in the road

10 01 2011

I think training while you have jobs, a family and whatever other responsibilities might get thrown your way is life’s way of keeping you from taking yourself too seriously.   About two weeks ago I decided I was done with the sloth, weight gain and lack of training.  I wrote up my schedule and even got myself some pretty stars to put on my training calendar when I complete my assigned workouts.   You wouldn’t think it would take that much but since I am pretty good at putting others’ needs in front of my own it did require some rigid system to keep me on track.

Week one I was able to do each and every assigned workout.  Yay me!  Gold star!  (I think I missed two yoga sessions, but I’m still calling it a gold star week!)  Last week I only got myself a bronze star.  I missed a run on Friday (I knew I would) because of work, then we were at the cabin all weekend.  I was thinking I would maybe run while there, even though there’s not an ideal place to get in more than about 3 miles.  Nope.  Sloth and lazy won out.  I am happy to report I remained in jammie pants all weekend.  I pushed my run back to Sunday afternoon, but got kinda car sick on the way home so that pretty much shot my long run in the foot.

I was starting to re-arrange the schedule this week and throwing myself under the bus for missing a workout when I stopped and listed all the good things about the weekend.  I then realized that  all week I had great workouts and missing my Sunday run was just going to have to be alright and I am moving on and moving forward.

So, it’s a little scary to be two and a half months away from a marathon with a long run of 7 miles.  I think my husband and I need to sit down and have a serious look at whether we need to focus on the half marathon and push our marathon back to Nov. or just do the marathon for fun with no time expectations.  The good news is that my  hip (piriformis syndrome) is doing well and I’m running injury free.   The bad news is that the time it took to return to injury free running was much longer than I would have liked.  The bottom line is that my training is where it is and there’s nothing I can do about the past, but I can make good decisions about the future.  What better time to think about things than when I’m out running !   Off for a run!





6 responses

10 01 2011

smart to look at te big picture and decide what is safest to do!! There are always plenty of races from which to choose. Best part-you’re pain free!!!

10 01 2011

Well you make me feel much better about missing some runs do to unpreventable circumstances. But now that I’ve done my marathon i can say those few missed runs, een the last long run before the marathon I don’t think would have added much to my finishing time. In the long run it didn’t make a difference.

10 01 2011

Happy Running 🙂

10 01 2011
Jessi Thompson

Good job keeping it all in perspective – that’s KEY!

10 01 2011

Great attitude, I think if you miss a few runs really, it isn’t going to affect your overall performance. I really think a lot of running is gaining confidence to go the distance. I mean, for sure you need to do the training – but don’t beat yourself up over a missed run.

10 01 2011
Colleen Kingery

I think you’ll be fine! And I love the stars! 🙂

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