What it took

5 01 2011

Our family got a XBOX Kinect for Christmas.  It is so fun and I have wasted way too much time playing Dance Central.  All in all it’s a huge hit.  But there’s one thing.  I was playing my Your Shape Fitness Evolved ‘game’ right after Christmas and all I could think was – who is that fat person on the screen?

Because the game picks up the person playing through all kinds of fancy technology I can’t begin to understand I figured it was a safe bet that fatty on the screen – was me!  Are you trying to tell me that 4 months of sloth behavior AND a good solid regimine of eating and drinking everything in site for two months turned me into THAT?!?

So there you have it my friends, it wasn’t New Year’s, it wasn’t another big race – it was me on the Kinect screen – and I mean wide screen!

Oh yeah, and then there was the penguin incident.

I had begun my ‘back on track’ and sticking to my clean eating regime when we took my son to the pool.  (Imagine the look of horror on my husband’s face as my son is saying this to me.)

“Mom, those penguins sure look stretched out!”  “They look HUGE”  “I don’t think they’re supposed to stretch like THAT Mom.”

Alright, it’s go time.  No more torturing the penguins.

(And I have had a great first two weeks on the plan, Nation’s Marathon training is back on and eating is great!   Six weeks until bikini season!)



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5 01 2011

From the mouths of babes…

5 01 2011

First of all you are not fat… I just saw you, I know 😀 But hey, motivation is motivation, right??

oh… and Jason just asked me last week “Mom, why is your bottom so big??” 😀

5 01 2011

I love that suit!

5 01 2011


5 01 2011
Colleen Kingery

Oh my… that’s some funny stuff! Cute suit though!

5 01 2011

Holy crap, that is hilarious. Love that suit!!

5 01 2011

OMG. Out of the mouths of babes!

5 01 2011

Bahahahaha, kids!!! That suit is AWESOME! We have an Xbox so I’ve been trying to convince we should splurge on a kinect. I think the kids would LOVE it!

6 01 2011
Jessi Thompson

Last year, my daughter casually slapped my butt when walking by and said, “you should do something about that, mom”…lol… twirp! 😉

7 01 2011

“They’re not big penguins….they’re just mutant penguins who will come peck you to death if you ever say anything like that again!!!”


My swimmer son tells me all the time how fat and slow I am. And he’s 11. Sure. Make the dad feel really good. Thanks, kid.

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