Karma rocks!

3 01 2011

I have to admit, I was starting to doubt the universe.  It seemed like again and again people that do crappy things to people were coming out on top.  According to Wikipedia, Karma is:

In Indian beliefs, the karmic effects of all deeds are viewed as actively shaping past, present, and future experiences. The results or ‘fruits’ of actions are called karma-phala.

So I have been waiting patiently for those that do good, such as stand by their family, love and support their friends, and just generally do good things to come out on top.  I’m not looking for a gold medal, that’s not why I do the things I do – but it was starting to seem that the folks that are doing the bad deeds were coming out on top again and again.

And then the universe sent me some wonderful karma-phala, and gave me the chance to send some back too.

First I think I found a way to get both my husband AND my bike to Costa Rica without breaking the bank.  I’ll keep to myself how they’re traveling, but I will say that I have noticed that deeply good and giving people are just wonderful and I will do everything in my power to help those people succeed in life.

Second, I haven’t been using Beginnertriathlete.com in a while.  For a bit it was because I wasn’t training, then I got started using Dailymile.com, but I logged on to beginnertriathlete.com a few days ago and got a nice treat.  Earlier this year I ‘volunteered’ to be a mentor for a BT training group.  It’s just a group in the forum that encourages each other and as a mentor you just help guide the group and offer advice and support.  It was fun and only lasted a couple of months (maybe 12 weeks?).  As a thank you gift BT gave me 6 months of free Gold service.  This gives me access to build my own training plan (based on my dates, races and needs) with their workouts.  What a nice thing – I write workouts every day and frankly get a little burned out when it comes to writing my own!

Finally I was working on the Costa Rica trip now that it’s actually 2011.  I decided to go ahead and schedule a family surfing lesson while we are in Playa Grande on the first leg of our adventure.  I had found Point Break Surf a few months ago and thought we needed to go with them based on their name alone.  (my hubby’s fAVorite movie of all time)  When I read the reviews (which were glowing) I decided to book with them.  I emailed to make a reservation.  Here is the email response I got:

Thank you for inquiring about lessons with us. We would love to teach your family how to surf. Since you will be staying at Playa Grande for the first part of your trip, you should actually look at booking your surf lessons with the local surf shop at Playa Grande – Frijoles Locos (www.frijoleslocos.com). They are cheaper than us because we usually service those staying outside Playa Grande, and thus have transportation costs built into our price.
However, if you would still like to use us, we would be more than happy to teach your family. And if you want lessons during your stay at Playa Conchal, we can accommodate that as well!
Let me know what you decide to do. Hope you had a great New Year!

Point Break lessons are in Playa Grande, but they usually drive people from Playa Conchal (the second leg of our adventure), which as far as I can tell is about 20 min. to the north.  Let me point out that she #1 – recommended I go with a competitor based on it being about $10 per lesson cheaper, and #2 game me the website for the competitor.  My immediate reaction was to save the $10 per person, but as I read her email to my hubby he said “No way, I’d rather pay the extra money and support an honest and kind business.”  Have I mentioned before what a wonderful husband I have?  So, we will be booking with Point Break Surf for our lessons and I encourage anyone else that is traveling to the REV3 Costa Rica race to consider a surf lesson with them as well.

My lesson in all this is twofold.  First, be patient – beautiful rewards come when you least expect them.  Second, surround yourself with kind and giving people – I think in 2011 I see less need than ever to spend my time with people that do crappy things.




5 responses

3 01 2011

Yippee!! Glad things are working out!! Glad you got your bikes to CR I can’t wait to cheer you guys on!! I think I’m going to surprise Alex with surf lessons 😀

3 01 2011

Great post! I love it when good things happen to good people. It makes you feel like there really is balance in the world.

3 01 2011

I was in a BT.com mentor group a while back and really enjoyed — those BT peeps are good people!

My wife already informed me that Rev3 Costa Rica will be part of our race plans next season! can’t wait to hear all about it!

5 01 2011

I love it when good things happen! Very impressed with the way Point Break responded to you – and I would have reacted the same way…by giving them my business! It’s too bad we’re not going to be in CR this year. Maybe 2012…although we’re thinking of taking summer vacation there…

6 01 2011

It’s awesome that things are working out for you heading to CR. I’m jealous. Can I stow away in y’all’s luggage? 🙂

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