1 01 2011

In the spirit of looking forward I have finally updated my 2011 race schedule.  I had most of it worked out about a month ago but really needed to work on my goals.  I feel like I have  a good handle on what I would like to achieve so I updated my 2011 race schedule page.  (above)

My overall race schedule is very paired down.  Last year I was really burned out from traveling to the little races and that affected my training for the big races.   SO, this year there are no little races.  I am racing what I love, the half (and maybe the full) distance plus 2 out of my comfort zone different races.  Although I will only be racing 3 REV3 races (Costa Rica, Knoxville and Cedar Point) I plan to be at all the races (working w/ the amazing timing crew at the races I’m not racing) AND I will be at some of the local smaller races as a volunteer, cheerleader and coach.




2 responses

1 01 2011

I love your race goals!! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Quassy! I’ll be at CP too, but probably not racing since my husband is also doing the full…his first!

2 01 2011

Less is more, that’s my plan too. See you at the Rev3(s)!

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