23 12 2010

I didn’t like the Reverb10 prompt today, so I thought I would just do my own : )

What is your most important seasonal tradition?  Why?

I spent the evening prepping a horrid, non-gluten free mix of white bread, velveta, ham and butter.  My dear (skinny) husband is the only one who eats this monstrosity.  And yet, it is my very favorite Christmas tradition.  For many, many years my dear hubby’s mom made “ham and cheese souffle” for her boys on Christmas Eve.

My husband lost his mom to cancer the year that we started dating.  Just a few short weeks before our first date.  Being a boy, my hubby doesn’t talk about his mom much.  His mom was my first Sunday school teacher.  She was a pastor’s wife for many, many years.  She raised three of the best dads I have ever met.  In my eyes she is simply a Saint.

So, every Christmas Eve-Eve I pull out the real butter, buy white bread and cut up the Velveta.    There isn’t anything I can do to bring my hubby’s wonderful mom and the grandma my kids have never known back, but maybe for just a taste my wonderful hubby can have a moment with his mom.  Best. tradition. ever.




4 responses

23 12 2010

You’re a good wife!
Thanks for sharing!!

24 12 2010
Colleen Kingery

That’s super sweet! Hope you have a great holiday!

25 12 2010

Thanks for sharing the story! I think it is just wonderful that you keep this tradition alive; white bread and all 😀

26 12 2010

that’s sweet of you. me? i’d probably piss him off and upgrade the brand of cheese and add a crusty baguette.

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