Virtual Swimming

20 12 2010

I awoke to a small person (only moderately small at 8 years old) next to my bed around 2 am – Mommy?  You know by 8 if they are using the term Mommy rather than Mom that either 1.  They have broken something or 2.  Something is wrong.  Poor little man was having tummy issues and was afraid that sleeping up on his loft bed was making him feel sick.  When I made up a bed on the floor and he went to grab the trashcan I knew I was in trouble.

There were about 6 more Moooommy calls during the night.  Interesting fact – blue Gatorade comes back up purple.  Anyhow, it seems the black plague from the evil indoor playplace tubes has fallen on the house so instead of a nice run, swim and evening dinner party the day will be spent washing blankets and anything else that isn’t nailed down in hot water and spraying the rest with Clorox.
So, no swim today, but I thought I would share my intended swim workout with the blog world so someone else can do my swim workout for me.  If you could I would really like my 100’s to be on the 1:15 and burn atleast 1,000 calories to make up for all the holiday gorging I have been doing.  My intent for today ‘s swim was to work really good form on the mod. sets and keep the mod pace easy enough so as not to affect the faster t-paced 100’s.  K?  Thanks.

Warm Up:   200 swim, 100 kick – no fins on side, 100 pull (paddles and bouy), 100 swim

Main Set:  500 mod. pace free

5 x 100 on t-pace + :30 interval

500 pull easy focused on catch and full pull

5 x 100 on t-pace + :30 interval

500 mod. paced swim w/ the last 25 of each 100 fast

200 cool down non-free

Finish it off with a nice hot shower and use lots and lots of my favorite Tri-Swim goodies because my skin is dry and itchy from all this darn heat we’ve had to run lately!




3 responses

20 12 2010

That cartoon is hilarious. Great swim! What do you do for non-free strokes? I usually do breast, because I can’t fly. Well, at least I am very entertaining when I am trying, I make lots of splashes. ha. I also steer really badly on the back stroke and can only do that if I have a lane to myself…Hope the little guy is feeling better.

20 12 2010

100’s at 1:15. ha. haha. ha. In my dreams! Sorry I can’t help you there 😛 Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!!!

20 12 2010

i’ll give it my best shot tomorrow morning! and will bring my tri swim cleaning products. feel better!

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