A Shoe Change .. .

13 12 2010

I know there are momentous and big things that outweigh my change of shoe brands, but it’s Monday and I’m not yet mentally awake so it’s really all I can muster. : )  As you can see on the side of my page Team Trakkers has a new shoe sponsor.  Goodbye Saucony, Hello Avia.  Avia is the shoe sponsor for USATriathlon and REV3, so they are no small cookies.  I have had the chance to wear some AVIA shoes while working the REV3 races so they aren’t foreign to me.

And yet.  I’m not sure what it is that attaches me to my shoes so strongly, but I feel funny switching brands.  I know that I will find a good shoe, I have already picked out my training shoe and my racing shoe, but I’m still a little gloomy to say goodbye to my old shoes.

BUT in the spirit of ‘being the change‘ I will approach my shoe change with excitement and will give all my readers some great reviews of the AVIA Bolt and the AVI-Lite III  and the AVI- BOLT 




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13 12 2010
Colleen Kingery

Those are the two that I’m going with! 🙂 I’m excited to try them out!

13 12 2010

I’m going Bolt as well! I can’t wait to see how they feel compared to the Newtons I’ve been running in. I think it’ll be a fun experiment!!

13 12 2010

My foot is so finicky I am a little tenative. Tempted to either order from Zappos and return them or drive to Louisville, KY, the clostest place to me where they sell them and try them on:-/ I certainly don’t want to mess up and not be able to wear them!! Here’s to the experiment 🙂

13 12 2010

Those are the two I was thinking as well. I’ve read some reviews on both and they seem to be excellent shoes. However, I agree with you in that it is always hard to switch brands but with Avia’s focus on the endurance peeps I’m actually excited to try them out!

13 12 2010

I have to admit, switching shoes scares the poop out of me. I’ve actually been thinking about quitting Trakkers because of this issue. I’m really set in my ways and totally MARRIED to my shoe. But, I’ll give new ones a try and then decide what will work best for me and my running style.

14 12 2010

Horray for new sponsors! I think my shoe selection is going to be the same as yours.

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