A Great Swim

12 12 2010

I had a pretty dismal workout week this week, but since I am trying to ‘be the change‘ this season I am not going to wallow in my couch potato week, instead I’m going to focus on my Thursday swim.  I was a substitute teacher a couple days this week which was super fun, but I’m not in the groove yet to get my workouts done on the days that I sub, so I had a run Monday and a swim on Thursday and a couple of days of yoga.  My run went fine, but my swim was just, well one of those swims.

I wasn’t fast, nor was my form just so, I was just happy to be swimming and felt my ohm with the water.  I did a ladder swim, here is the workout:

warm up:  200 sw. 2 x [25 swim, 50 side kick, 25 swim]

main set:  mod. pace:  400, 300, 200, 100

Negative split sets: 300, 200, 100

Fast sets: 200, 100

Because it’s off season I had to do my 4 x 150 pull

200 cd

It made me even happier to get out of the pool and wash because I’m pretty sure the chlorine level was through the roof – my skin was literally itching while I was swimming!  Thank goodness for my trusty TRI-SWIM, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have lost a layer or two of skin!

I love it when a workout just feels great!  So, tell me about your great workout – you know, one of those ohm days that just makes you smile!  Maybe if we focus more on those and less on the ‘what a crappy run that was’ days it will make us faster, o-k, well maybe just happier!

If you haven’t seen, the Gingerbread contest is live now!!  Please go to Cook it Allergy Free and vote -once a day!!  Mine is number 10, but if you really love someone else’s that’s ok, vote for them!  I know everyone worked really hard to make gluten free (and sometimes egg, dairy and corn free as well) gingerbread creations!!  You vote by leaving a comment in the comment section.



2 responses

12 12 2010

I like the idea of focusing on the good workouts rather than the bad. I had a swim workout this past week that left me feeling like I was a “real” swimmer. Definitely something worth remembering!!

12 12 2010

Nice work on the swim. That is one of my favorite sets to swim!

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