Holy Chlorine Batman – 3 days of swimming in a row!?!

2 12 2010

My *#$*@# piriformis muscle is still acting like an ass (see below diagram and then feel free to laugh) so my hubby who doubles as my physical therapist said no running.

This moratorium on running *might* have been brought on by my participation in my son’s Jump Rope for Heart program on Monday night.  Do you know how frick’n hard it is to jump rope for an hour?  Me neither because I could only do it for about 2 min. at a time, but if you add all my 2 min. up I might have made it to 20 min. total.  I’m an ironman athlete for goodness sake – how hard can jump roping be?  

Obviously not that hard if you’re 8, my son is jumping criss crossed ropes in this picture.  Seriously?  Me, I had to do the skipping motion because jumping hurt my piriformis (and after birthing two children might have been a little rough on the bladder too).  I sure hope I didn’t look like one of the other mom’s I observed (but was kind enough not to take a picture of) while skipping rope.  It was probably similar to the face I make while swimming butterfly, which brings me to my 3 days of swimming in a row.

On Tues. I did endurance work.  On Wed. I brought out the butterfly face and suffered 2600 yards of IM.  Incidentally I was also unable to wash my own hair on Wed.  Today I decided to swim 30 x 100 and thought that a 1:45 swim interval was pretty reasonable.  Turns out I have gotten quite a bit slower than I thought.  About a year ago I posted about swimming next to a guy that was lapping me every 100 or so.  We have become friends, his kids go to school with my kids and I coach his kids on the swim team.  He joined me today for my 30 x 100’s.  It was very nice that he waited for me to do the 1:45 intervals, but I was getting 10 seconds rest to his :45 so it hardly seemed fair.   I’m pretty sure I might have cursed him a couple of times in my head.  He was all perky and rested “only 10 more to go!”   Where I might have been muttering things I can’t repeat on the blog when I watched my 15 seconds rest dwindle to 10 and then less than that.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to run this weekend to catch up on my weekly mileage!



One response

3 12 2010

the piriformus muscle is my achilles’ heel. it flares up when i don’t stretch properly after running (like yesterday). It also aches when i am stressed out. it takes so much pre-post stretching. what a bastard!

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