It’s the little things . . .

22 11 2010

It’s odd to me how emotional food (or eating) has become since being diagnosed with Celiac in 2004.  I would almost classify myself as a food hoarder now.  Want to reduce me to tears – go ahead and eat the last of any of my gluten free foods.   After I finish crying you’d better hide.  Seriously.

And then there’s the wacky emotion surrounding finding new and yummy gluten free foods.  I get down right giddy when biting into a gluten free bagel that doesn’t taste like a rock, or euphoric when baking delish gluten free cookies.  I have issues.

We have all but given up dining out since we put my son on a gluten free diet this year.  I can navigate a regular menu pretty easily by getting a plain salad anywhere, but tell an 8  year old that he has to sit and watch his 11 year old sister eat yummy buttery yeast rolls while he noshes on plain salad – not so much.  And then there was Vitos.


Hello happiness.  We went out for pizza this weekend.  And it was gluten free.  And it was sooooo good.  Mine had ricotta cheese, spinach, panchetta (sp?) and mozzarella cheese and garlic.  And I didn’t have to spend the day mixing crust and making pizza.   Did I mention it was good?

My sweet son was chosen to have “pizza with the principal” (his teacher gets to choose 2 kids per 6 weeks) today.  I told him I would bring him in a gluten free pizza to which he said “Can you get me a 12 inch cheese take out from Vito’s”  No, not at 10:45 in the morning, but it just warms my heart that he has the chance to feel a little more normal with the option of real take out pizza.  As I said, I have issues, but that’s ok, that’s what running is for right?





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