The sad truth. . .

17 11 2010

The good truth is that I got my lazy tush back in the pool today for a rousing 3000 yards of slight discomfort.  I will soon be working my way up to 4000 yards of maximum discomfort – but for today the somewhat comfortable swim will do!

The sad truth is that I need a new bathing suit.  PRONTO.  I have loved, loved, loved my team Trakkers SPLISH suits so much (although not as much as I would have liked) this season, but it’s time to admit that they are worn thin.  I cringe at the thought of being that swimmer that SHOULD have been told that her suit is see-thru only to wear it repeatedly showing a little too much to all those sharing the pool with me.

I FLOVE this suit!!

What I realized today when I put my worn out (but well lined so not see-through) suit on is that I am at the age and body type that I need a tight suit.   At the risk of sharing TMI, I’ve gotta say that if my suit top isn’t fat-sucking tight there are body parts that, um, become directionally challenged.  I could use that as a sign that it’s time to see a good plastic surgeon but I’m 1. too lazy and 2.  have other things I’d rather spend my money on so I guess I’ll have to stick with tight suits and good bras.   Better yet, rather than worry about what they look like I’ll be grateful that I’ve still go ’em and make a donating to the Susan G. Komen or the Ulman Cancer Fund instead.




2 responses

17 11 2010

My Trakkers suit is not longer wearable either. I got some grab bag suits from Splish, which are acceptable looking, and have been making good use of those. Good luck!

17 11 2010

me too! ditto on the suit and saggy body. seriously old age is tough going. but my massage therapist told me today I am the most “toned” of all her clients. i think she probably has a lot of fat people for clients.

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