Tri-Swim Tuesday: Back on Deck

16 11 2010

Those that have been following the blog for a while might remember that I used to post a swim workout each Tuesday, brought to you by my FAVORITE anti-chlorine products TRI-SWIM.  I was very, very delayed in getting my Tuesday morning JMU Tri Club swim workouts started this semester, but we are finally back up and running so I will  again begin to post the club workout her every Tuesday.  Those that aren’t members of the JMU club just get a nice bonus workout 🙂

Because we are in off-season training we are doing some general workouts right now, working skill, strength and a sprinkling of speed work.  As the off-season progresses we will continue to build strength and fine tune our strokes.  Once we reach Feb. our workouts will begin to address some triathlon specific skill work as well as massive amounts of speedwork.  (I must once again say that when I was in college the last place that I would have been found on a Tuesday morning at 6:30 am was the pool.  Huge kudos to my kids for waking up and putting in the work at times that work for me!!)

Our group was more of an advanced group today, no real beginners so the workout is a bit more advanced, but all sets can be shortened and slowed down as needed.

Warm up:  200 – 300 mix of strokes

8 x 50 drill [25 drill, 25 swim; 1-3 shark-fin drill, 4 – 8 one arm drill]

6 – 8 x 50 kick – no rest.  25 easy kick, 25 all out butt cramping kick

10 – 12 x 100:  [1 – 4 on t-pace +:15 interval, 5 non-free recovery, 6 – 9 on t-pace +:05 interval, 10 non-free recovery, 11-12 all out :05 rest]

300-400 steady pace

Cool Down:  100 easy



One response

16 11 2010

i like your workouts! marcia always posts 4,000+ yard workouts which are impossible for me to finish when i have to get out at 6:30 sharp. I am wondering why my leg (calf) muscle cramps when I put on fins at the end?? The muscle tightens up like a hard ball. it’s very painful!

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