Nation’s Marathon Training: Week 3 – Hope Peeks Through

15 11 2010

It’s kind of funny that I am excited about being able to do a 3 mile run while training for a marathon, but it’s a start so I’ll celebrate!   This week I managed to do a 1.5 mile run on Monday and felt pretty good.  I ran in my brand new Kinvaras and they were AWESOME!  I’ll do a full product review after I get a few more runs down in them but my first impression is AAAAH, I FLOVE them!!

I was running with my fab-u-lous training partner (my sister) who made it through 2.2 miles on her first day!  We have to get her a qualifying time (she is doing the Nation’s Half Marathon) soon, so we are doing a couch to 5k – in warp speed.  Thankfully she is in great shape and eager to do well.  (So pretty much the perfect training client!)  On Wed. we went out for our second run and added in a few hills.  Oops, I kind of didn’t warn her about those.   The conversation went something like this:

Me:  O-k we can walk up that big hill.

Ru:  Thank goodness!

Me:  Alright, we can walk to the second mailbox.

Ru:  That is not all the way up the ^*&^*^%& hill!

(some smaller hills later)Me:  Look, once we get to the top of this last hill it will be down hill all the way home.

Ru:  I hate you.

I think I’m a great cheerleader : )My dear hubby was driving the baby jogger so I was able to just run on the second run of the week.

We did an entire 5k and I felt great at the end.  No pain, no suffering, just an easy run.  So I guess the totals for the week are a weak 4.6 miles, but that’s up a whopping 4.6 from 2 weeks ago so – YAY me!  This week we have a 3 mile run on Mon, 3 miles on Wed. and then a 5k race on Sunday.  I get to torture her through to make the qualifying time of under 31 min. (which I suspect will be no problem, but I’ve got all my best cheerleader slogans saved up just in case)

Tomorrow begins Tri-Swim Tuesday again!




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