Nation’s Half Marathon – Week 2 – The Big Goose Egg!

9 11 2010

Since training two week’s ago was a whopping 9 miles before I threw out my back out doing seemingly nothing you would think that a big 0 mile week would leave me frustrated and downtrodden.  Nope – not me!  I was laid up for a full week and a half with a bum back.  Lower disc issues flaring up after 13 years = not fun, but it also forced me to slow down and relax.  I haven’t done much relaxing much in the last few months with some family crisis, home remodeling and PTA projects all swirling around my little head.

I finally gave into the pain and hit the doctor’s office for some drugs.  I got some Prednisone to help with the inflammation and some good pain meds to help me sleep.  I am finishing up the Prednisone and don’t really need the pain meds any more so I’d say that’s progress.  (considering I started out  unable to stand, I guess anything is progress!!)  Which brings me to today, my big post-injury exercise debut!

One whopping mile!  I ran a full mile, while pushing my 1 year old nephew in a jogging stroller mind you, with very little pain.  I guess I’ll know tomorrow if that was o-k, but I’m hopeful!  So today began the new training, although on week three, on the road to theNation’s Marathon!

The other exciting part of my Nation’s marathon training is that my sister is going to train to run the Nation’s Half Marathon as her first 1/2!  Up to this point she has run 1 5k, but being 1 year post baby and a month and a half post traumatic marital break up I think it’s going to be awesome!  I’ll get some great resistance training while pushing the jogger stroller hauling a 25 lb. 1 year old and she’ll run with me!  What could be better than that?!

(well, not much, but swim training with my husband for the Great Chesapeake Bay swim begins this week too so that’s pretty cool too!!)

1 ❤ having training partners!!





One response

9 11 2010

Yay for training partners! And sisters! And babies in jog strollers!

Can you give me Ruthie’s training calendar… so I could cut it by, you know, 2/3 (or 3/4), and maybe give it a shot myself…?

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