Thursday Thoughts

28 10 2010

I am sure those that read my blog are expecting a rant about the greedy rat bastards at WTC. 

Nah, just go to the facebook fan page for Ironman, you can pretty much read it all there.  All I really have to say is to put your money where your rage is.  If you stop paying $1610 to do their silly races they will be forced to actually take your needs into their race planning.  ‘nuf said.

I am spending this beautiful fall day flat on my back trying to get my back spasms to stop.  Apparently sleep was more than my back could take because when I woke up this morning and tried to stand up my legs had another idea.  My legs buckled, my back seized up and I had to be lifted back onto the bed by my dear husband. 

So, for today’s post I’d like you all to know the things you take for granted, until your back is spasaming and you can’t do anything.

1.  Walking – how frick’n long can it take my son to answer my calls of “EEEEEEEELI, come get the remote for me?” 

2.  Pooping – I know, tmi, but wow it hurts to go when your back is all spasamy.  Good thing by then my dear hubby had already gone to work : ) 

3.  Drinking from a cup.  After 10 min. of searching I finally found a bendy straw in the house.  Add to that the 10 min. it took for me to walk to the kitchen and 10 min. it took for me to walk back to bed.  30 min. without coffee in the morning.  Not. good.

4.  Narcotics.  Apparently you actually have to go to the doctor to get them.  Um, hello – can’t stand or walk – (read the above 30 min.straw debacle) how am I supposed to get drugs?  What are doctor friends for anyway?  Ibuprophin sucks.

5.  Daytime TV – Seriously it’s 11:30 am and my choices are Judge Judy, Wife Swap and 90210.  Now don’t get me  wrong, I love some good 90210 reruns, but the Noah years just didn’t work for me so I’m stuck watching Wife Swap.  It sucks.
Alright, enough moaning and groaning, all that coffe through a straw has me constantly peeing and as I might have mentioned it takes a while to get down the hall.




2 responses

28 10 2010

😦 sorry about your back! I agree with you 100% on the WTC debacle. go Rev3! 😀

28 10 2010

bummer! feel better soon! i’ll be thinking of you as we ride on the brp this evening for a girlz only ride!

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