Nations Marathon – Training Partners Needed!

25 10 2010

It looks like I have finally decided on my next big race (aside from REV3 Costa Rica – but that one is really just for the sunshine and sea turtles : )  March 26th Mr. CoachKati and I will don our Saucony’s and run through the nation’s capital for a quick 26.2 mile jog.

As a bit of history my first stand alone marathon did. not. go. well.  I swore that I would only run 26.2 consecutive miles if I had just finished a 112 mi. bike ride.   And yet.  I guess it’s like childbirth which I know was a bitch at the time, but 8 and 11 years later seems like magical, wonderful days!  So, for some reason I got the marathon bug and started searching for a race that was not to far (um, Costa Rica trip in Feb.!) and one that has similar weather patterns (refer to first marathon hellish Jan. sweatfest).  So, the search landed me at the webpage of the Nation’s Marathon in Washington D.C.

Training begins now since I’ve been out of the running game for the summer.  The next four weeks are a  build period focused on getting 3 runs / week with one of them being speedwork. I am also going to try a new shoe – the Saucony Kinvara’s, which have been highly recommended by my TRAKKERS teammates.  I anticipate a couple of weeks to get them (really to get me) broken in and used to more of a for-foot-strike pattern.   After that build I will begin my official training with the dreaded long runs!  (I’m actually looking forward to the long runs!)

SO, here’s the invite – if you would like to train along with me I would love to have some virtual training partners!  I have a real live (and pretty hunky one) running partners here in town, but I would love to know that there are others suffering training along with me!  Feel free to comment or if you have a blog, send me your link and I’ll create a little sidebar with everyone who is virtually training with me!




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25 10 2010

Jumping up and down raising hand.. ME! ME! ME! PICK ME! I’m training for Austin on Feb 20th… and am starting to build a bit too… except when I’m swimming! ha ha

25 10 2010

Hey! I will be training for IM St George at that time so we can “virtually” train together. Which race are you doing in Costa Rica?? I will be doing sprint Sat and Half Sun, so we can train for that too…in the lovely weather month of January! can’t wait to see you there 🙂

25 10 2010


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