Wedded Bliss

18 10 2010

Today my hubby and I celebrate 13 years of wedded bliss.  I gotta tell you, all around me marriages are crumbling.  We are averaging a marriage a week falling apart with folks we know and I must say – I’m starting to wonder if it’s us!  (not really, but on the 4th – they’re splitting announcement you do start to wonder what the hell is going on?!)  So, instead of boring you all with my “how to make a marriage work” advice, I will bore you with my “why I am crazy about my husband” post.

10 Reasons my husband is better than yours:  (I am a triathlete after all, it couldn’t just be reasons my husband is awesome!)

1.   I had a crush on my husband when we were in high school.  He was kinda geeky in a studly cool way.  About 10 years later we finally started dating and he’s still kinda geeky in a studly cool way.

2.  My husband doesn’t babysit our kids.  He’s just their dad.  I was recently away for a work weekend and my sweet husband had a normal weekend with the kids.  They made tie dye shirts, the hall closet got cleaned out, he did laundry – all without any planning or instruction by me.

3.  My husband does laundry.  This one stand alone.

4.   My husband is my voice of reason.  When I get crazy wild ideas (which I do often) he has learned to smile, nod and calmly step away – he even supports my crazy wild ideas, even knowing .02% of those ideas will actually come to fruition.

5.  He’s pretty darn cute.  

6.  My husband is my best friend.  I can tell him anything and he will still love me.  He has been there to laugh with me, cry with me and everything in between.

7.  My husband is one of the least competitive people I know.  Seriously – I can’t believe how laid back he is about times and placing etc.  I am way over the top competitive so it’s a good balance.

8.  This one gets on my nerves, but he’s pretty darn smart.  Generally he believes he’s smarter than most other people and darn it all if he’s not usually right.  BUT – it comes in handy when your kid’s taking advanced math and you can’t help with their homework!

9.  When we are going out on a bike ride and my dear husband has to slow down to ride with me he does and never complains, he is just happy to be out riding and really encourages me.   He is the reason I have improved as much as I have over the years on the bike.  He’s a great training partner.

10.  Last but certainly not least – my husband loves me.  No matter what.  Seriously.  What a tremendous gift to feel loved and supported in this wild and crazy and often difficult life.




3 responses

18 10 2010

Happy Anniversary!!! I would say Number 10 helps a lot in the whole staying together bit!!! I have number 10 and feel SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSOOOOoo lucky!

18 10 2010

Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a keeper!!

26 10 2010
Laura Wheatley

Kati this post is so cute!!! As a newlywed, it’s so wonderful to know that we CAN be as crazy about each other in 10+ years 🙂

On a sadder note, I totally understand about the marriage falling apart thing…even at MY age (26) we have friends dealing with divorces and kid custody, etc….CRAZY.

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