Hidden Jewels

13 10 2010

We are cleaning out our basement to get ready for a remodel.  There is approx. 1,239 years worth of crap down there –  our crap we moved from Roanoke up here, my mother’s crap from Seminary, my family crap from when I was a kid, my father’s crap from when he was a kid – but in all this crap I have found some wonderful hidden jewels.   I found my father’s family Christmas stockings from when he was a kid.  I found boxes and boxes of pictures – of my grandparents (both passed when I was young) as children, my father as a child, my childhood and even forgotten photos of my own kids when they were younger.

Soooo, although it has been a pretty big undertaking there has been some memory lane fun along the way.  I have to say with all those wonderful things I have found this has to be quite possibly my favorite:

These are ribbons from my sophomore year, going into my junior year I believe.  Now, what everyone needs to know is that while I swam on the team from when I was a wee one I never thought I was any good.  I was, in my memory, a mediocre swimmer.  I know I goofed off a lot in practice and I know that my best friend was much faster than me.  BUT, if you look closely you will see that for the 200 meter free I swam a 2:21:60 and came in 2nd place.  Now I know some of you fast club folks can swim a 2:21 200 meter swim still, but I can’t and I sure as heck didn’t think I swam fast enough when I was a teenager to do a 2:21 200 meter swim.  (Do you like how I found a way to include my time 3 times in a row?!  That’s almost as good as a 2:21 200 meter swim! : )

Now that I know what I could do then I guess I’d better drag my ever expanding butt back to the pool to beat my 16 year old time!!




3 responses

13 10 2010

What did you do with those old ribbons? Are you keeping them? I’ve got a lot of ribbons, trophies, etc. from when I was a gymnast and I have no idea what to do with them.

14 10 2010

Mer -Heck yeah, I’m keeping those ribbons! There’s only three so they’re easy to find places for (hanging on my wall : )

13 10 2010

So cool that you came across those ribbons. A couple of years ago I found some pictures and ribbons from when I ran XC in high school. One was a 4th place in a 5k of 17:15. There’s no way in HELL I could run that fast today. It’s amazing what w could do when we were young.

Hang on to the ribbons for your kids or grandkids to find one day in their basement!

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