Sigh. . .

5 10 2010

My hubby and I had dreams of buying a camper for race travel.  Fun family vacation at the state parks in our fun little travel trailer.  Family bike trips along the miles and miles of rails to trails on the east coast.

But then again I was also saving up for a new tri bike.  Look at this Kestrel beaty.  (drool, drool)


Instead I will be writing a huge honking check to the orthodontist.   And once we pay this child’s funky bite issues off the other one’s is worse!  We might be switching to a rice and beans diet soon in our house!  Sometimes being a grown up sucks.




4 responses

5 10 2010

I am LOVING the new paint jobs on the ’11 Kestrels. They are smokin’.

5 10 2010

Responsibility BLOWS! I want to move back in w/ my parents and blow all my money on the fun stuff! SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS! But you KNOW your kid will thank you profusely … right? Right? That’s how it works isn’t it? Sigh!

5 10 2010

Braces suck, and there’s no “cheap” way about them. When my oldest had hers, we kept telling her that we could have gone to Hawaii with the money we invested in her teeth – and she was only in braces for a year! Grrrrrr!!!!

6 10 2010

quit your moaning. you are still going to costa rica! We have braces in jan and NO VACATIONS on the calendar :_(

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