To balance out yesterday’s post . . .

30 09 2010

Um, I think I might be a little grumpy today.

Things that bugged the sh*t out of me on the short .5 mi. drive to drop my son off @ school:

1.  The twit in a big black Ford monstrosity that narrowly missed ramming into me because he couldn’t bother to stop at his STOP SIGN.

2.  The same twit in the big black Ford then riding my tail so close I couldn’t see the front of his car in the school zone and during the down pouring rain.

3.  People that don’t understand drop off.

4.  New twit in a blue ford mini-van that pulls into the drop off lane – you know where you ummm, DROP OFF your kids, only to park the car, get out and escort his little princess to the door, leaving his van parked in the DROP OFF lane.

5.  Because the dude has already pissed me off by refusing to get his little princess wet with rain I must now insult his cat umbrella.  Really dude?  An umbrella with big ugly cats all over it?  Ever heard of a golf umbrella?  Solid colors?  (I might have let that one slide if he hadn’t angered me with the drop off faux pas.)




2 responses

30 09 2010

Uuggghh!. They don’t have the curb at our school painted yellow (and they should- very narrow). People park, drop their kids off, chat, blah, blah, blah, and then finally move.

30 09 2010

what a pussy!

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