What kind of athlete are you?

22 09 2010

Training for and completing an Ironman is hard and challenging and a huge accomplishment, but in the end it’s just a race.  I’ve finished three of them and they were amazing and brilliant and awesome, but in the end they were just races.

While my husband and I trained for our first Ironman together it put quite a strain on our marriage.  We were tired, hungry, competing for training time, more tired, balancing parenting, work and training – when is there time for a relationship in there too?   At one point we almost threw in the towel and decided the race wasn’t worth it.   In the end we found ways around it, we weren’t the greatest trained athletes out there on the course, but we made it beyond the finish line, we made it to today.

Anyone can train for a triathlon.  A real athlete will train for a triathlon and put the needs of their family just as high as the needs of themselves.  A real athlete will think about their family on race day with gratitude and a thankful heart for all the sacrifices they made for them to reach this point.   So today I ask my blog readers which kind of athlete they are.   Are you a real athlete that cares about that first place, but cares more about the real prize, or are you just out there for the win?




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22 09 2010

Great post. I’m definitely the first type. Sure, I’m pretty slow and rarely ever compete for AG podiums, but I get way more satisfaction from being able to balance my time with friends and family along with training than I would from any race time or AG award.

24 09 2010

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately! People think I’m nuts for getting up at 4 am to get a run in, but if it means I can spend the entire day with my family, it’s totally worth it!! I’ve always said that doing triathlon makes me a better mom and wife, but the entire way through my 140.6 training I kept asking myself, “is that still true?” I still don’t really know for certain.

27 09 2010

It’s definitely hard to balance! I’m definitely in the balance camp… and if I can manage to get to an AG win while balancing.. FANTASTIC!

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