REV3 Costa Rica – More Reasons to Take the Plunge

16 09 2010

I just returned from working timing for REV3 Cedar Point.  It was awesome.  I am working on my “Behind the Scenes at Cedar Point” blog post, but in the mean time I thought I would share a few details about our upcoming trip Southwest to the REV3 Costa Rica race.  This morning my son asked, “How many months until Feb.?”  My feelings exactly!

Again and again this weekend I heard folks express concern about the cost of travel to Costa Rica.  Here’s is the deal, our airline tickets cost a whopping $500 each.  That is for a flight from Washington DC to Liberia.  If you are willing to travel to San Jose and drive to Guanacaste your ticket will cost less.  We are flying American Airlines, but if flying into San Jose check flights on TACA airlines.  We flew on TACA last year and had a very positive expereince.  Our tickets from Washington DC to San Jose cost around $250.

Onto lodging.  For the first part of the trip we will be staying in Playa Grande.  Wow is all I can say.  Playa Grande is one of the only locations in the world that Giant Leatherback Turtles nest.  So, at night we will take a tour by moonlight and watch the Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs.  Because our trip is at the tail end of the nesting season we will also get up before the sun and hit the beach with the hopes that we will see the bay turtles scurrying out to see.  Seriously, how many more months until Feb.?  Our hotel is costing us a whopping $110 / night for a 2 bedroom suite.

If you don’t want to arrange all your hotel etc. the package from Endurance Sport Travel is really reasonable, it includes ground transfer, your room, tour of the course, bike tech support and other extras for $150/night double, $220/night for single occ. – and that’s out of San Jose, the cheaper airport, it’s $10/night cheaper from Liberia.

Bike transport is the big ?? for us.  We will probably pack our bikes in a bike box and check them on the flight.  As of now that will cost us $100 each way.  Boo.  I called or emailed every bike shop within 200 miles of where we are going and no one rents road bikes.   So, for now it looks like the bikes are flying with us.

Still need more convincing?  Here are a couple of ‘reasons’:




FAWESOME Surfing!!!!

Tree Top Ziplines!

After racing all day, this is your reward!!




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