Becoming a mom

30 08 2010

11 years ago today I became a Mom.  Ironmans, degrees and all other accomplishments pale in comparison to my pride in what an amazingly beautiful, smart, funny and compassionate young lady my daughter is turning into.  I’m not sure where 11 years have gone.  I will say that I have learned a whole lot over those years and most of it has come from my beautiful girl.    So, in honor of her birthday, today’s post:  10 things I have learned from my daughter:

1.  Everything is better with a good book.

2.  When you re-read a book it can be like a whole ‘nother adventure if you do it the right way.

3.  Sometimes quiet is better than loud and showy.

4.   Coming in first isn’t the most important thing, sometimes just putting your heart and sole into things and having fun is enough.

5.  You can never, every have too many books.

6.  48 hours of labor is worth every moment of pain.

7.  Sometimes it’s easier when you don’t know what’s coming.  (Anna will ride any roller coaster, as long as she doesn’t have to see what’s coming.  If she sees those drops or loops – no way.)

8. Listen to everything everyone says and remember it.  You can use it against them later.

9.  Don’t decide in advance what people will be good at.  Let them surprise you.

10.  Having a daughter is on of the most amazingly rewarding experiences in the world.




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