The Grocery Store

24 08 2010

Have you ever gotten to mid-checkout at the grocery store and noticed the combination of what you were buying?  Gotten odd stares from the checkout person?  I cringed today at around item 3:

Italian Sausages (dinner)

2 bottles of red wine (therapy)

1 box of eyebrow wax (I can’t walk around looking like Chewbacca)

Chocolate syrup (brownie sundaes – I swear!)

All of the above items could be easily be explained, but when that’s all you are buying it looks, well kinda weird you gotta admit.  I’m guessing my 20 year old male cashier got a kick out of it.




2 responses

24 08 2010


Thanks for sharing!!!

25 08 2010

Haha. That has happened o me a lot in the past.

Duct tape. Moisturizer. Q Tips. Steak.

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