Learning to Fly

24 08 2010

Monday was the kids first day of school.  I think I *might* have mentioned that in a blog post or six.  I decided to take the time to do a little learning of my own.  We have an awesome trail system that is a 3 min. bike ride from our house, so I threw on my helmet and literally hit the trails.

I am so excited to learn something new.  I think part of my need to take a few months off of training this summer was boredom.  I needed to expand my horizons, grow and learn something new. 

This learning process is about more than just bike handling skills for me.  I am an utter and complete control freak.  I know this about myself and have even tried to work on it, but lets face it – this is me.  Thankfully my husband and children either love that about me or have just learned to live with it! 

Mountain biking is not about control.  You have to learn to let the bike go out of control a certain amount  in order to maneuver.    So, out on the trails I set out and I’m even starting to get the feel for that back wheel slip that my bike does when I hit the rocky spots.  And, wow, there are a lot of those on our trails!  So, as my kids hit the real classroom I will be here in my new classroom:





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