Anatomy of a Fabulous Sunday

22 08 2010

Today was aaaaaaah.

Aside from the bickering children (who go to school in 12 hours, but who’s counting!) everything was just fantastic!!

I planned an awesome outing to Switzer Dam (which is also Skidmore Lake and yes, I am so childish that I giggled at that name).  Both my husband and I used to go there when we were juvenile delinquents, but haven’t been back in many, many years.  Apparently some people run, bike, hike and fish there.  I thought it was just where teenagers went to drink and camp, but wow – there’s so much to learn!! 

We checked the weather and saw that the am looked great and rain would be moving in for the afternoon.  So after some yummy coffee to start the day (because lets face it, without coffee it’s just not a fabulous day) and b’fast we packed up 4 bikes and a picnic lunch and hit the road!

We arrived about 20 min. later at the lake.  It’s really weird going back to somewhere that holds only one type of memory (teenage juvenile delinquent memories in this case) in a totally different context (as a grown up with an almost teenager)!!  Eek!  We started with the creek – minnow catching, crawfish chasing . . . all things wonderful to an 8 year old boy and even cool to an almost 11 year old girl. 

 Aug mtn bike ride 037Aug mtn bike ride 028

We finally got our bikes down to start on our ride and the sprinkle began. Crap.  We rode for a few minutes through the trails but it started to rain even harder.  Time to go.   What a bummer – no fishing even!  I pouted the whole way home.

Aug mtn bike ride 044 Aug mtn bike ride 041 Aug mtn bike ride 042

By the time we got home (and I napped because lets face it, without a nap it’s not a fabulous day) the sun was shining and the ground was dry.  We climbed on the bikes and tried our first family jaunt on the Rocktown trails.  I cannot say how excited I am to have mountain bike trails just minutes from our house!!  We weren’t sure if the kids were ready for the trails yet but they – were fabulous!  And just as fabulous is the fact that the easy trails seem, well easy to me now.  So now we can hit the easy trails with the family and I, might just be ready to (gulp!) move up to the moderate trails!  Yay me! 

We finished the day with yummy local beef hamburgers and salads.  And, kids are all going to bed early  because, have I mentioned – they go to SCHOOL in 12 hours!!  Yay!!!



2 responses

23 08 2010

that sounds awesome! it’s always fun to try new things with the fam. can’t believe you were a delinquent, though i have heard you mention this before. i rode on the parkway and then sat in my hammock and read a book! kids were delightfully self-occupying. enjoy back to school monday.

24 08 2010

Hope the transition back to school went smoothly… i can’t wait to ride the trails with my family. Emma just asked if Santa could bring her a mountain bike for Christmas 🙂

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