Luray Sprint Race Report

16 08 2010

Alternate titles:

My ego is the only place that is sore.

Bad swim, bad bike and horrid run.

When you don’t swim, bike, or run all summer apparently you don’t race well.

I still love this sport.

If you are looking for me over the next 2 months you will find me in the pool, on the bike or out running.  Oy!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been that slow.  Going into the race I wasn’t expecting much.  I know a lot of folks do the whole “Oh, I haven’t trained for this one!” song and dance before the race.  Most of the time that means I didn’t get to train as much as I wanted and I’m covering my butt in case I’m not as fast as I want to be.  For this race I literally hadn’t trained.  Most weeks my run volume as between 0 and 3 miles.  My bike training varied between 0 and 18 miles and my swim training – well, I did my 10,000 yard swim and that’s about all I did in the pool this summer.

Problem is no matter how many times I tell myself, just enjoy the race and get yourself re-motivated – don’t worry about time, I still worry about time.  It’s just ingrained in me!  So here is how the race went down:

I was afraid to eat any solid food before the race because I’m having some (so far) unexplained stomach problems lately.  No matter what I eat my tummy bloats and cramps up.  I stuck to my 2 scoops of orange First Endurance with one scoop of pre-race. (Pre-race is a caffeinated First Endurance product. I made the switch to pre-race instead of coffee on race mornings and have been very pleased.)   I was in the fourth wave for the swim, which was nice since it gave us a chance actually see where we were supposed to be swimming!

I started out on the swim by going ‘hard.’  I then realized that ‘hard’ was not going to be a part of this race.  As soon as I went anaerobic I was getting light headed and really, really winded.  Oops, I guess if you don’t swim all summer you can’t just go and do an all out 750.  I think I sighted pretty well and for the rest of the swim just kind of took it moderately easy and cursed myself for not swimming over the summer.

Once you get out of the water you have to run for freak’n ever!  Not so good for someone who hasn’t been running!  Those steps hurt!  I was glad to get onto my bike and out of the muddy pit that was transition!  It rained as we were setting up and continued to sprinkle on and off on the bike, which made a grassy transition area into a muddy transition area!  I really enjoyed the rolling bike course.  Again I realized early on that I wasn’t going to be able to redline anything on the bike so I sat back and enjoyed the course.  I did have some road rage (ok, a lot of road rage, but I kept it to myself) over the bike etiquette, or lack of bike etiquette that was going on.  Hello – RIDE. ON. THE. RIGHT.  Not that hard folks!!  End of road rage, I’ll save the etiquette rage for another post.

The bike finished up way too soon (uh, except it took me a whole hour on the bike – whoops, I guess I was enjoying it a little too much!!) and I had to go run.  I had been dreading this run for the whole two weeks  leading up to the race.  You know, as soon as I found out I was actually racing the race.  Anyhow, I started out on the run and just worked to keep thing aerobic.  About a mile into things I caught up with a kid that was running.  He was 15, so I started talking to him.  He was hi-fricking-larious to listen to and kept my mind of the fact that I was actually running so I just stuck with him.  I might have run faster, but then again I might have slowed down and walked if I hadn’t run with him.  Bottom line was that it made the run at least a little fun so I’m still calling it a good decision!

I ended up with third place in my age group, but down almost 7 min. from second place so I’m not taking too much glory from the win!   The good thing is that doing the race, even though I didn’t preform even close to what I expect from myself reminded me that I love the sport, I want to train again and be faster again.  It also made me realize that I don’t really regret taking the summer off.  Even if that means having a slower end of the season this year I really needed the mental and physical break from training this year.  Three years straight of Ironman training took it’s toll on my motivation and it’s nice to take a few months to recover and recoup!

I think I have decided on doing Vineman next year.  It looks like a great race and it’s much more reasonably priced than the IM brand races.  If I end up not timing for REV3 Cedar Point I’ll either throw in a second IM for the year or do the HalfRev there.  Either way it’s going to be a great season next year!




2 responses

16 08 2010

that race is so freakin’ hot. i was happy not to be there. a friend of mine did Vineman this summer. i can put you in touch if you like. she is on facebook. lives in denver.

19 08 2010

Floved the start of this post… very creative and funny.

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