In search of Iron . . .

12 08 2010

After flopping around all summer with no real motivation I made the big decision to go long again next year.  I need the rush of the finish line, the long mind numbing hours on the bike, the thousands of calories to eat just to keep moving . . . Oops, did I throw in that last part?  Anywho – it’s time to start planning and thinking about which race I will do!  So, feedback please!

The obvious choice is Cedar Point, but this year I am working timing for the event and would just love it if that was a continuing gig, so I’m not going to count on that one being an option.  The other obvious choices – the evil empire, I won’t do.  Yes, I have the big red M-dot tattoo, but it isn’t there to represent the company, rather the experience I had, challenges I overcame and personal experience I had.   Since I did my first 2 iron distances with them they made some changes that I simply don’t agree with.  And I am my mother’s daughter – if I don’t agree with the practices or policies of a company I simply won’t support them.

So, having already done Beach2Battleship I am in need of a race!  I’m open to any suggestions – full iron distance races – no IRONMAN brand races, I am considering any time of year right now so give me some good feedback about experiences with independent full distance races!!




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12 08 2010

There’s one in Florida, the Great Floridian, which I’ve considered. Also, Wildflower isn’t an MDot one and has a full in July> I was thinking about that one. Of course, if I move to Ireland next year you will have to come to the EU on a family vacation and do one of the Challenge races with me, yeah? 🙂

12 08 2010
Michelle Simmons

Vineman has a full that is not M-Dot. And that’s fun b/c you’re up there in wine country! Non-M-dot races are cool bc you don’t have to enter them a year in advance either!

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