Dancing to the School! Woo hoo!

10 08 2010

Yesterday was registration day at my kids school.  I hate to wish away the summer and I sure do love, love, love my kids – so very, very, very much but lets face it we all need a little bit of separate time.  I think my patience has been worn down to a nub and my kids are bored, bored, bored.  Sooooo – two weeks (12 days not that I’m counting) from now we will wake up, probably not early enough – scamper around, take pictures until the kids say “Mooooom, stop!” and I will take them to school and dance the way home to an empty and quiet house!!

Thankfully all my bliss is shared by my kids who are also ready to be back in school.    Teacher assignments look great and I am hoping (fingers crossed) for a really good year for both.  Third and sixth grade are big ones – probably with quite a  lot of work involved.  I am a parent that subscribes to the philosophy that as long as it’s purposeful homework is a good thing.  I expect my kids to have to work hard in school and I expect them to be challenged by their teachers.

While my kids are hopefully working hard in school I’d better get my tush outside and train because I have a half ironman in exactly 52 days for which I am not just under trained, but am completely UN trained.  Eeek!   Here’s to school days and training days and lots of new challenges!!




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