Product Review: King Arthur’s Flour Gluten Free Pancake Mix

3 08 2010

OH MY GOSH.  I think I might have just managed to find 10 more lbs. to put on this summer.  I grabbed a box of King Arthur’s Flour Gluten Free Pancake mix at the store last week and after a good and sweaty morning run I decided to try the new mix out.

I used oil rather than butter, mainly because I”m lazy about melting the butter.   After I finished mixing the milk, eggs and butter I took one look at the mix and thought UH-oh, runny pancake disaster.  I take my pancakes pretty seriously and for me flat and heavy gluten free flops won’t cut it.  I’ve tried just about every gluten free mix out there and so far have only found acceptable mixes.  I have found heavenly recipes, but lets face it- I’m lazy and don’t want to cook pancakes from scratch every time!

Back to my runny mix.  I was about to ditch the whole effort when I actually read the directions.  Yep, me – reading directions.  Miracles happen.  Low and behold – let the mix sit for 10 min. to thicken is #3.  Woo hoo, we’re in business!  They cooked up beautifully with no funny flakes or weird coloring.  Seems silly to note, but since I’m trying to convince an 11 year old who is NOT gluten free that these are just like glutenous pancakes the little details are important.

I wish I were witty and could make up cool new words because there aren’t words for me to describe how amazingly spectacular I thought these pancakes are!!  They were light, fluffy, golden – and OH MY GOSH they tasted yummy with a little butter and syrup!!!  We will be ditching all other pancake mixes from here on.  Next up:  King Arthur’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust!  I can’t wait!!!!




4 responses

3 08 2010

New word for you when something is effing awesome: FAWESOME.

Hooray for King Arthur and his fawesome pancake mix!

4 08 2010

So glad you waited the 10 minutes and glad you were able to find the gluten free mix at your store. Wait till you try the brownies! JMD@KAF

4 08 2010

I like fawesome. Your pancakes look YUMMY! 🙂

24 07 2011

This mix was the best I have found so far. Very yummy – tastes like wheat pancakes. We will try the other products by King Arthur!

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