Climbing up on my Soapbox . . .

29 07 2010

So I’m driving along today and I saw a guy riding his bike in the road going against traffic.  That got my preachy-soap-box self all revved up so I thought I would make a post out of it!  I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months teaching my kids about bike safety so here are a few things everyone must do.  (I know, bold to say, but sometimes we all just have to accept that I do, in fact know everything and am, in fact always right.  K.  Thanks.)

1.  If you are under the age of 12 you should if at all possible ride on the side walk.    It is legal in the state of Virginia to ride on side walks, unless prohibited by local ordinances.  Even in areas of local ordinances it will be adults that are prohibited from riding on the side walk – not kids under the age of 12.

How many things can they do wrong in one picture?

2.  Your helmet won’t help if it’s hanging on your handlebars.  DUH!    Seriously I can’t tell you how often I see this organ donor move.  If you are going to take the time to bring along a helmet, why wouldn’t you put the darn thing on your HEAD – you know, where it will work.

3.  Speaking of helmets, in many localities in VA it is required BY LAW that children under the age of 14 wear a helmet.  Harrisonburg is one of those.   Please put a helmet on your kids’ heads.  Please, please, please.  AND, while we are at it – if you go out riding with your kid and make them wear a helmet WHY in the world would you not wear a helmet?  If i am out riding with my kids and a car comes any where close to my kids youbetterbelieve I’m gonna throw myself in front of them.  Plus, what kind of example are you setting for your kid – do you think that grown ups don’t wreck?  Riiiight.

4.  Speaking of the dufus that was riding against traffic . . . You ride with traffic, just like a car.  You follow all the traffic rules just like a car.  If you are being a hot shot running a red light and anger motorists against cyclists they might just take out their road rage against me – a do gooder that likes to follow the rules.  Lets make everybody happy and follow the rules, stop at lights, stop signs, ride single file  . . .

That’s all for my little rant for now.  I’ll be stepping down off my soap box, but feel free to add your 2 cents of bike safety under comments!!




2 responses

29 07 2010

Great post. I was watching the Tour this year and watched Bob Roll go on a ride for one of their segments *without* a helmet. I couldn’t help but think… “SERIOUSLY?!?!”

29 07 2010

The few times I’ve been on my bike and crossed paths with someone going the wrong way, I always play chicken with them.

I’m positive that I have some evil angry face on, because they always back down.

Threatening to throw skinny college kid off a bridge into the Charles river apparently is a great way to teach bike commuters the “rules of the road.” I am almost NEVER aggressive like that, but seeing people be so blatantly stupid sets me off really fast.

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