Lazy Summer Days . . .

28 07 2010

I can’t believe the lazy, un-motivated summer I have had!  For the most part I am o-k with taking the summer off.  It has been nice to spend more time with the kiddos – they are growing up so fast.  I have absolutely loved coaching the swim team this summer.  It reminded me once again that I LOVE being on the pool deck coaching.  Distance coaching is great, but in person coaching is really what I love.  Having said that I must say that coaching has been a huge time and energy committment this summer – adding to my lack of motivation to actually get out there and get moving.

All excuses aside the bottom line  is that I just didn’t do it.  I hate more than anything hearing excuses so I won’t give myself any – I chose to sleep instead of getting up early.  I didn’t arrange time and meals well – leading to missed workouts.  I think my vitamin D is way low with the lack of outdoor time we have had this summer! 

Anyhow, I just realized I was registered for a race in, gulp – 3 weeks.  Time to get my arse in gear!  It’s a local sprint so my ego demands that I actually do well : )  Well, maybe ‘do well’ is a stretch after a summer off – maybe I’ll go for ‘don’t embarrass myself.’   Whatever I do I’ll leave it all out there and have fun doing it.   Gotta go run now . . .



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