Mad, Mad, Mad

25 07 2010

I am beyond angry!  Today I took my first beautiful and adventurous step towards mountain biking.  I had an old Schwinn Frontier that I had purchased used many years ago.  It was my first bike.  It was old and rusty and somewhat crappy, but it worked until I had the funds and the time to get a real mountain bike.

I will pause my anger for a moment to say how very, very much I loved mountain biking.  I had been off road before, but never on  a real single track mountain bike trail.  I am fairly conservative and don’t like being out of control, but by the second loop I was riding right over big rocks, albeit slowly!

I was arriving back home after a grocery store trip while talking to my husband on the phone.

Paul:  “What’s the plan for the week?
Me:  “Well, not much but we are going to go out every morning for a mountain bike ride”

Paul:  I don’t really remember what he said here, because as I got out of the car I noticed my pretty (o-k, kinda run down) Schwinn is NOT where I left it.


Paul:  “No”

Me:  Mother BLEEEP > > >This continues on for about 5 min.

Yep, somebody walked into our carport and stole my bike!!  It is usually locked to a flimsy railing, by no means burgler proof, but I guess that has been enough to deter – up until now.  Some ass hat stole my bike!!

I guess here I should foolishly mention that Paul had his old Schwinn stolen from our side yard a year ago – but that bike didn’t even work.  This was MY bike!!  I should be relieved that now I get to get a new bike, but all I can feel is fury.  I gotta tell you, if I see that ASSHAT riding my bike in town you bet your ass I’m going to tackle the ASSHAT and take my bike back!!!!




4 responses

25 07 2010

Oh I hope you find them. I think we would all pitch in for your defense if you beat the ever livin’ crap out of them.

25 07 2010
Uncle Bobby

I would pay good money to see that confrontation. Not being a confrontational person, it would not only be a life lesson for me but also funny as hell.

26 07 2010

FLAME. (no, that is NOT a typo)

26 07 2010

oh dear. My uncle had his bike stolen and he saw it being ridden down the road about two weeks later. He ripped the guy off the bike and proceeded to cuss him out. The dude gave him his bike back right then!

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