18 07 2010

I went back to find an important old post.  Before you read today’s post, please read here.

Two years ago I asked my blog readers to log three miles in honor of Garrett.  Today (July 19, 2010) I ask that you up the ante and log five miles.  Today Garrett should be five years old.  Instead I will spend the day with my best friend trying to find the words to say to a mother that lost her child.   In the end there are no words.   So today I have a few requests.

1.  Be there.  When someone you love is hurting just be there.  Even when there aren’t any words to make things better.  When there are no words to say just be present.  

2.  Log 5 miles of something today.  Run, bike, swim, walk – do something.  Because even when Renee and Scott felt like crawling into bed and hiding from the pain they have put one foot in front of the other and kept moving. 

3.  Garrett’s Wings offers non-medical care for terminally ill children.  They provide financial support for research for Batten Disease.  Read more about Garrett’s Wings here.  Today consider a $5 donation for Garrett’s Wings.  You can donate here.   That’s two cups of Starbucks, a sub or a few sodas. 

4.   If you are anywhere near the Charlotte area or know someone who is, register for the Take Flight Triathlon.  It will be Oct. 10th at 7:30 am.  Can’t race?  Volunteer.  It is an awesome race and supports an awesome cause.  Be there.




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20 07 2010

Beautiful post. Thank you. Your friend is lucky to have you.

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