The Future of the Tour

13 07 2010

How many 7 year olds (o-k, he’ll be 8 in 2 weeks, but I must cling to his childhood while I still can!) do you know that will sit through 3 hours straight of tour coverage – every single day?  My son LOVES the  tour.  He knows all the riders, their teams and this year he is picking up on which bikes they each ride.  Me thinks this kid might be an expensive one to keep!  He can use the word peloton in a sentence, correctly.

So, sitting watching the tour (yes, I too could, and often do, watch 3 hours a day of tour coverage) together, my son announced, “Mom, I think if I still like biking I’m going to ride in the tour some day.”  How cool is it that my kid believes that he can achieve that?  And he truly believes that if he likes biking and keeps doing it that he can reach the Tour some day.  As I sit here typing he is out riding his bike in circles around the house.  I think we’ll classify this as the time trial stage since it’s pretty flat in our little yard.   I love it!




2 responses

13 07 2010

Sooo cool. I love it when kids believe and can dream BIG. Great post.

13 07 2010
Uncle Bobby

If the cycling thing does not work out, maybe nascar. They go around in circles. he also knows all about shake and bake. That just happened!

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