REV3 Costa Rica: Shaping Up!

9 07 2010

Not me, the trip.  I am, in fact not doing much shaping up at all right now and need to get my tail in gear – but that’s a whole other post!

What is shaping up is the family trip to Costa Rica in February!   We are traveling down (hubby and two kids) on a Sat. to spend 5 days on our own in Playa Grande.  We will be, (I am 80% sure) spending the extra few dollars to fly directly into Liberia, rather than flying into San Jose and taking a 5 hour shuttle.  Cost for tickets to Liberia is $500 per person.   We could save about $750 and fly into San Jose, but we would loose 2 vacation days because of the flight schedule, so we are choosing the longer vacation : )

Once we arrive in Liberia our fabulous travel agent, Renee at Costa Rica Vacations has arranged for our shuttle from the airport.  For the first 5 days we aren’t going to do much.  The hotel where we are staying is very close to the beach where the Giant Leatherback Turtles nest.  Hopefully if the turtles are on schedule we will get to see a turtle lay her eggs by moonlight AND see the babies as they scurry out to sea at day break.  How awesome is that?!  

The other thing we will do while at Playa Grande, surf.   I’m so excited to learn to surf!  My husband, son and daughter have done a little surfing before, but I see some lazy beach days and wave riding in my near future!!  Woo hoo!!

After 5 lazy days the action begins!!  The extended family arrives on Thursday and we mozy up the coast to Playa Conchal.  We were very pleased with the prices at the race’s host resort, Reserva Conchal.    We will be taking up residence in a couple of condos, I suspect we will use the kitchens and just cook for ourselves rather than purchasing a meal plan.  The race, REV3 Costa Rica is on Sat. and Sunday – so those days will be spent hanging out at the race and doing a little swimming, biking and running.  I’m not sure about the rest of the family, but I plan on beginning my activity on Monday after the race.  Until then I will continue my beach laziness at the resort’s beach club.

Monday the fun begins!!  So far it looks like we will take a trip east to the Rincón de la Vieja National Park to do some hiking, see the volcanos, the hot springs, the fabulous animals . . . . . You get the picture.  We will also take another day to fly along the tree tops zip lining.  We haven’t chosen our zip line tour company yet, but with so many to choose from it’s a hard decision to make!!

If you are going on your own or looking for a more serious triathlon trip, REV3 is doing a coaching camp the week before the race that looks awesome!

The unknowns:  I still haven’t figured out shipping my bike.  I’ve been so busy  working on the fun stuff I guess I need to start working on the details!




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