It really starts to hurt at 7,000 yards

2 07 2010

Alternative Blog Titles:

When the water around  you starts to hurt. . .

Humbled at 8,000 yards . . .

Can someone wash my hair for me today?

I could go on forever with there, you know I did have 2:45 min. to think them up!  So I survived my epic swim yesterday and even had a little fun!  Here is the full report:

Our swim team decided to do a fundraiser, inviting all families (kids and parents) to an event called Swim2Win.  Folks could swim  25 25’s, 50 50’s or 100 100’s.  (that’s 650 yards, 2500 yards or 10,000 yards respectively)   We allowed people to swim as individuals or share the yardage with a team.

My fabulous sponsor TRISWIM stepped up and provided not only prizes for the event, but lots and lots of great samples!

Because I was in charge of the event I decided to swim my 100 x 100’s during the day, rather than during the event which was held in the evening.  A fellow swim team parent and rocking fast swimmer, Chad agreed to swim the 100 x 100’s with me.  His wife Cyndi came along to swim her 50 x 50’s too!

It seemed like a good idea to bike over to UREC since it’s only about 2 miles away and we didn’t have parking passes.   I packed up all my goodies:

1 bottle h20, 1 bottle w/ 1 scoop EFS lemon lime and 1/2 scoop Pre-race, 1 foggle wipe & 2 oz. Liquid Shot

After an uneventful bike ride over we got ready to hop in and begin.  My strategy was to count by 1000’s and rest (and sip my First Endurance goodies) between each.

Me, Chad and Cyndi ready to go!

The first 5,000 yards felt great.  I knew I was holding around a 1:35/100 and was alright with that.  At each 1000 yards I took a quick 15 sec. rest and a big swig of my EFS + pre-race.  At 5,000 yards I had to get out and pee – something about swimming makes me have to pee every time!  After 5,000 yards I added in a quick sip of Liquid Shot at each rest.  I was starting to get hungry and a little swig every 1,000 yards seemed to hold me off.

I was surprised at how great I felt getting back in after my potty break.  At this point I was hopeful about how relatively easy finishing would be.  Then I hit 7,000 yards.  At this point every stroke began to hurt and my feet went numb.   Over and over again I thought about my little swimmers that would be swimming in the evening.  No way was I going to face them without having finished my whole swim.

At 8,000 yards I hit the wall at the same time as Chad, who was lapping me often.  He. was. done.   Bitter, angry – nah – I was in awe and more determined than ever to finish.  I was also aware at this point of how absolutely bad my stroke had gotten.  I think I had resorted to a modified swing to get through my recovery.

Seriously, what the heck am I doing with my stroke here?

I was unable to rotate my shoulders enough to bring my elbow up so I’m pretty sure at this point I was swimming almost straight armed.

Nice butt shot of my flip turn!

You know you’ve been swimming too long when a 50 breast stroke is a reward.  My last 2,000 went like this:

Just 4 50’s free, then you can have a 50 breast.  One more, then you get to do breast stroke.  Aaah, breast stroke.  Crap, breast stroke is taking longer.  I hate breast stroke.  Back to free.  Holy smokes, this hurts.  how many more 50’s till I get to do breast stroke again?

I finally hit the wall at 2:45 and some change.   The bike ride home was a lot harder than the ride there : )  But I made it home, had  a nap and some gluten free choc. chip cookies and got ready to hit the pool for the evening event.

Everything for the evening went GREAT!  Here’s a few shots of our crew (coaches, parents and swimmers) doing their laps:

Me getting folks checked in

Finisher's Medal : )

Today – I hurt everywhere.  Sleep last night was Paaaainful.  Every time I rolled on my shoulder – aaaaaaaah!




3 responses

2 07 2010
Steve Stenzel

Holy hell!! Nice swim!!

2 07 2010

i have been waiting for this!! AHHH!! Awesome. You have inspired me to do a big set on Monday…

10 07 2010

Easier in the Bay with a wetsuit on! Cool event!

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