What in the world was I thinking?!

1 07 2010

This one’s gonna hurt.

I’m pretty quick to jump in for a challenge.  Hell, I am pretty quick to think up fun challenges but this time I might have out done myself.  When planning the summer swim team fundraiser back in March it sounded like a great idea:  A swim challenge – $12 enters you, and you choose from one of three events:

25 x 25’s, 50 x 50’s, and the mac daddy – 100 x 100’s

To make sure it was ‘easy’ enough for everyone to join in we made it for relays of 2 or relays of 4.

Me, I HAVE to sign up for the biggest and the baddest so of course I’m going to do the 100 x 100’s.

Here we are in July and I haven’t done regular swim training since, well – April.  I don’t think I’ve swum farther than a mile in about 2 months.

And yet.

In about an hour and a half I’m off to swim 10,000 yards.  I might need professional help (or someone to carry me home and wash my hair for me tomorrow when I can’t lift my arms).

Hopefully I’ll make it to tomorrow to post a full report!




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