Ages and Stages

29 06 2010

Sunday was Paul’s b’day so we spent the day on the river, fishing, kayaking and generally relaxing.  It. was. AWESOME.  The kids seem to have really taken to fishing, except the whole touch the fish thing – that they won’t do.  We also got to try our biceps at kayaking.  This was the first time the kids have gotten to go out on their own on the kayak.  I was watching my tween daughter as she was experiencing pure joy at mastering the kayak by herself and all I could do was smile.

We are into such a fun stage with our kids.  They are full blown kids now.  Rather than expereince new things with us, they are experiencing them on their own and we get to stand by and watch and marvel at all the cool, cool things they can do.

There is a picture in our hallway that I pass at least a dozen times a day.  The kids were about 2 and 5 and they were so cute and cuddly.  Every once and a while I find myself teary looking at that picture wondering where the time has gone.   Watching the kids on Sunday I realized that those memories are wonderful and amazing, but this new stage of self discovery and independence is equally amazing and wonderful.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!!   (well, with a tween daughter I guess I can!!)

When my babies were still babies!!




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