You gotta crawl before you walk . . .

25 06 2010

Isn’t summer break supposed to be more relaxing?!  I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I have been run ragged this week.  Back from the beach at 9:30 pm on Sunday then up and at ’em to coach morning swim practice on Monday at 7:30 am.  My son has been doing skate boarding camp from 9 – 12 every morning, followed by my daughter doing art camp from 1 – 4.  Then we top it all off with evening swim practice (I am coaching, kids are swimming) – I have #1 – not found time for workouts and #2 – fallen into bead like a dead woman at 10 pm every night.  Sheesh!

Thankfully next week we ditch the camps (although both camps have been awesome) so I might just find a little time for a workout here and there!  I had to do some schedule adjusting since I got invited to  come back and time for the REV3 Cedar Point race.  I’m really excited about timing this one since it’s REV3’s first iron distance AND we should actually have cell service which means both Trakkers devices AND timing points will be updating regularly.  I love it when technology works!

SO, I won’t be racing the Cedar Point half as planned and needed to find myself a fall half to do PRONTO!  I decided to swallow my pride and sign up for the Halfmax Myrtle Beach half.  This was my target race IF I had done my qualifying time in Knoxville, but I was off by about 10 min. so I didn’t qualify.  You can sign up and race if you don’t qualify, but you can’t earn a spot at the Long Course World championship.  Early on I said if I couldn’t race for the world’s spot it wasn’t worth it.

After a nice long almost 2 month break from training I realized I need to get my tail in gear and train for a race.  Looking for races Myrtle Beach just made the most sense.  We were already traveling there for my hubby to race, it’s a car’s drive away, it’s late enough for me to get my tush back in racing shape – so I pulled the trigger and registered.  Bummer that I didn’t earn my qualifying spot, but sometimes you gotta crawl before you walk.  I did have a great race in Knoxville and took some major time off my PR, and narrowed down a good half race nutrition plan.    So, I’m going to call Knoxville my crawling race and consider Myrtle Beach my walking race!  Now, it’s time to get some training done!!




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