My sad, sad realization

17 06 2010

While at the beach I realized I was in need of a new bathing suit.  I have my cool new Trakkers Splish suits that are AWESOME for the pool, but if they are to stay AWESOME for the pool I’d better keep them off the beach.  Ever gotten sand caught in between your suit and the liner?  Not pretty.

Back to the surf shop.  Bless her heart, the attendant helped me for a good 5 min. without laughing.  Me:  “I would like something that isn’t a bandeau top (ties at the neck).”  Tiny, probably 19 year old sales girl that hasn’t even started dreaming about saggy boobs and stretch marks “Ummmmm, o-k, they’re mostly that style this year.  How about this one?”  Me:  “Yeah, no – I couldn’t fit one boob into that.”  Perky salesgirl:  “Allllright, how about this one?”  Me (laughing)  “I don’t think my kids would go to the beach while I was wearing that bottom!”  And on, and on this went, for 4 racks.

Two surf shops later I realized something.  Sigh.  I’m not a surf shop bathing suit girl any more.  Nope, I’m more like a Belk gal.  Maybe an online catalog – definitly not Lands End yet, maybe more like Athleta or Title 9 – but no more surf shops.  How in the world do those gals actually keep their suits ON while surfing?!




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17 06 2010
Anne Giles Clelland

Very similar experience. DID find one brand at a surf shop that worked: Leilani Swimwear. Just Googled it and looks like lots of styles from lots of sources. Good luck, Coach Kati!

17 06 2010

I love the suits from Athleta and Title 9. They are way cute and sporty! I’ve had those realizations before, so I know how you feel, but I think you’ll be waaaay hotter in something other than a teeny weeny surf bikini! 😉

17 06 2010

I know!! When did that happen?!?! I will say, I purchased an Athleta suit last year and I’ve been very happy with it! 🙂 Twistini top and swim skirt! Kids can climb all over me, no worries about “slip-age” ha ha

17 06 2010

It isn’t SUPPOSED to stay on in the waves. That is the whole point… haha.

20 06 2010

it sucks. no matter how fit you are, after a certain age you sag. and jiggle. i love athleta, but it is too $$$. i ordered a gap tankini on-line and it fits perfectly.

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