That kind of day

10 06 2010

It’s going to be that kind of day, I dropped 2 eggs while trying to make scrambled eggs.  Ugh.  And yet, I’m not going to let it be that kind of day.  Instead I’m going to ride with my son to school – his first time riding his bike to school.  How cool is that!  He has his bike lock and is so excited I’m surprised he slept at all last night!

Then, I’m going to bike with my friend that I don’t get to ride with nearly as often as I would like.  Then, I’m going to the farmer’s market – mmmmm!  And finally, I’m going to swim some laps before coaching the swim team.  I have even enjoyed coaching the babies (not actual babies, but munchkins that I classify as babies!), which I didn’t expect at all.  The little ones actually listen to the skill things I tell them and I am seeing HUGE improvements already!




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