Why REV3?!

9 06 2010

As I have said before, REV3 is one of our team sponsors so I know I have pushed their races in the past, but I have just a few notes about this new race company to share.  Last weekend I worked one of their races as a timer.  You might think that you put down wires and throw on a bunch of timing chips and voila – times!  Not so much.  Instead imagine intricate computer programs, weather issues, wave issues, age issues . . . and that’s just the start of what can go wrong.  (This, by the way is not a REV3 issue, working for other companies I have dealt with the same issues, I guess it’s just technology issues.) 

Any-who, REV3 races are not cheap to race.  You will pay as much to race a REV3 race as you will to do an Ironman.  REV3 never claims to be the most economical race option, what instead they claim is that they are revolutionizing the sport for athletes and their families.  On their facebook page their blurb about the company says:
REVolutionizing the way athletes, family members, and spectators view and participate in triathlons of all distances.

Again and again in the reviews of the race this weekend I heard people thank the company for doing just that.  Caring enough about the athletes to have little details like solid security in transition, not just numbered bike racks, but you name is there too, taking a picture of each racer that pops up on the jumbotron when they cross the finish line.  I think all those things add up to making an athlete, who by the way is paying a lot of money not just to race, but also to travel and eat and sleep for that race into more than just a race number but a person. 

 They are also going above and beyond to make the races easier for families.  Quassy was held at an amusement park, and families got free passes to go to the park to play during the race.  Cedar Point will have the same feature, while I race my kids can play at Cedar Point.  What I heard again and again in the reviews of the race about that was that it alleviates guilt that your spouse is sitting for 5 – 6 hours trying to keep 2 bored/hot/grouchy kids interested in seeing mommy for 2 seconds (alright, 2 min.) as she transitions.   Yes, we have family guilt – it’s just a neato feature of being a mom/dad and doing a not so spectator friendly sport. 

What I’m not sure REV3 realized, or maybe they did and just haven’t made a big deal of it is that they are creating a new generation of triathletes.  They are doing an adventure race for kids (and their parents) at each race – making them a part of the weekend.  That is awesome in my book.    Even better than that is having professional triathletes AT the event, out and available.  I saw more kids with signed visors at Quassy than I could possibly count.  One of the kids that I asked explained to me who Craig Alexander was.  I think professional triathletes are awesome positive sports roll models and REV3 is giving these kids direct access to these athletes.  I would love for my daughter to want to be like Mirinda Carfrae when she grows up, (heck I want to be like Mirinda Carfrae when I grown up!).  Check out the video, one of the first thing she says in her post race interview is to praise her biggest competitors.   A-number-one in my book.



3 responses

9 06 2010

You did a great job this weekend…I just wish I could have spent more time with you!! I whole-heartedly agree about the Rev3 races, AND the fact that the pros are people to be looked up to, by young and old!!

9 06 2010

SO TRUE, girlfriend.

11 06 2010

So true about the next generation of triathletes. Gotta get those little kiddies hooked early on living a healthy lifestyle!

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