My very own REV3 Cinderella Story

8 06 2010

When I was in the early tweens (which was not a term when I was of that age) I remember summer evenings right around dusk sitting in my bedroom, window open listening to all the neighborhood kids laughing and playing outside.  I lived in a great neighborhood, lots and lots of kids on a safe street where we could run around until dusk, when all the flashlights came out for a rousing game of flashlight tag.  EXCEPT if you were me, in which case you would be in your room, trying to go to sleep bitterly listening to all the other kids playing flashlight tag because YOU had morning swim practice and YOU had to get your sleep.  Not that I am/ was bitter. : )

As a grown up I appreciate every night that I went to bed early for swimming.  I love that I grew up swimming and use my swim skills daily for my job (coaching) and almost daily for my recreation (triathlon).  In two weeks I will be rushing my own children off to bed because of morning practice.  They will whine, they, too will be biter but someday just maybe they will be posting about how much they eventually gained from those cold and early morning practices!

An early am shot of the REV3 Quassy expo

This weekend was a lot like those summer nights.  I was working the race at REV3 Quassy, helping with the timing of the event.  I will give a whole separate post about what is involved in working a triathlon, but the short of it is 12 hour days and running around like crazy to make sure things go off without a hitch.  Correction:  to make sure the athletes see things going off without a hitch.  There are always issues, but it was my job to minimize those issues effects on the athletes.

Three booths down from our awesome technologically advanced timing trailer/tent was the Team Trakkers tent.  All my teammates were hanging out, giving away yummy First Endurance products, working water stops and whooping it up together as a team.  I, three booths down and working, could hear the fun and excitement coming from the greatest team in the sport. 

The good thing is that I don’t have to wait 25 years to appreciate what I was doing INSTEAD of whooping it up with the team.  The timing team I was working with was FABULOUS.  AND, I love timing.  I love figuring out where glitches took place and helping to fix them.  I love sitting with the athletes and their supporters and hearing their stories.   As a timer I get to talk to so many athletes and hear so many stories and I, absolutely LOVE that.  So, yes I did miss my teammies this weekend and felt a little like Cinderella toiling away, but at the very same time I felt like Cinderella at the ball, getting to do a job that I love!




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8 06 2010
tim kasparek

flashlight tag was the BEST!! such a great memory!

8 06 2010

Kati, your efforts are truly appreciated. It was nice to meet you (and to have you fix my “glitch”). You “timing guys” and the whole crew did a great job…and I didn’t notice any glitches the whole weekend. Now, since you were timing, is there something you can do about the time I lost changing a flat?? It was about 9 minutes, so if you could just subtract that from my bike split it would be great :<)

8 06 2010

Thank you soooo much for being there and being a trooper and holding down the fort. YOu are awesome.

8 06 2010

Hi Kati! I raced the Quassy Half this past Sunday and wanted to personally thank you for your hard work. What an amazing day it was and all of us athletes should keep in mind all the “behind the scenes” work that goes into an event. Thanks for giving us such a great experience!

11 06 2010

Thank you sooooo much for toiling away!! It was so awesome to have the timing go so well, such an important part of the day as you know! 🙂 So great to FINALLY meet you in person! See you O-Hi-O!

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