I’m Just a Small Town Girl

3 06 2010

441 miles, 7 states and lots of cursing at my tom-tom.  I must apologize to the tom-tom because in it’s defense I got here – door to door without one wrong turn.  You would think that’s a given being that it’s a navigation system but I, I am gifted in the ways of getting lost.  I can get lost with a map in one hand and a navigation system talking to me and displayed on my dashboard.  You can see how I am shocked and surprised that I arrived, 7.5 hours of driving all by myself without taking ONE. WRONG. TURN.

So, the cursing at the tomtom and the Journey song?  It went something like this:

Oh S*&t!  That sign says New York – I do NOT want to have to drive in New York frick’n city!!

NO, NO, NO do not tell me to go left!  Left if f*^%’n New York City!!

How much is that d(*n toll?!  Holy h@ll!  $8 frick’n bucks to go over that bridge!

Crap!  I am going over the gosh darn (yeah, I said that) George Washington Bridge- CRAP, the lanes are splitting and I don’t know which way to go! Sh*t!  I’m taking the road to the city?!  No frick’n way – I don’t want to drive in New York, it’s F’n 5:30 pm!!

You stupid f’n machine, get me out of this city – aaaah!  Cars everywhere!  Eeek!  Please don’t hit me!  Crap, which lane am I supposed to be in?  F’n stupid 8 lane road!!!!!

Yep, I am a nice easy going small town gal, never meant to drive through rush hour New York City traffic after 5 hours of caffeine in the car.  White knuckles would be putting it mildly!

EXHALE – o-k, I am here and ready to work the race, oogle a few pro’s and see my Team Trakkers peeps kick some Quassy butt!!




2 responses

4 06 2010

Glad you made it.

On the way home, I definitely vote fro not doing the GW bridge. All GPS’s say to go that way, because it is usually the shortest distance to get on the other side of NYC, but not always the fastest.

If you are feeling adventurous and going your own way home, I vote for going straight across downstate NY via 84 (no toll) or going over the tappan zee bridge (toll) on 87/287. Either of those should allow you to drive with normal colored knuckles.

4 06 2010

See you soon!! Glad you made it safe and sound!

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