Welcome to June!

2 06 2010

With May in the books  I took a min. to look back on the month.  It was one wacky month for us!  I raced 6 races in the month.  Yowza!  (yes, I just said yowza and I like it!)  As I look at my numbers for the month I realized that most of my swim, bike and run was done in a race – not in training.

180 of my 227 miles on the bike – in a race

43 of my 55 miles run – in a race

I swam 13722 yards, I would guess that about 12000 of that was in a race.

If I could count the naps that I had to take during the week to recover from all that travel it would be astonishing!  I’m not a hour long napper, just a quick 15 min. perks me up and helps me survive the day.

I loved all the races I did.  I’m not sure how I will choose some to give up for next year.  I can’t wait to race REV3 Knoxville again – that bike course was awesome!!  Triple T – I have some unfinished business to get done on that course next year.  Angel’s Race and Smith Mountain Lake Sprint – they are like my roots in triathlon.  The races I have done year after year, old friend you just don’t want to give up even after you have moved on new friends in new places.  I guess there is some decision making to be done for next year, but thank goodness that isn’t until next year!  For now I have to figure out the rest of my season!!

I’m feeling a little lost without any races in the near future!  The only thing on my schedule is REV3 Cedar Point Half in Sept.  and Take Flight in Oct.  I SHOULD learn my lesson from my May and just train over the summer, no travels, no big fancy races . . . .  But I love the races!  So, as I get back up and going with my training I am looking for some balance between over scheduled with no time to train (or no energy and drive to train I guess is more like it) and floundering without a set race schedule!  I’m guessing I’ll have a plan in the next week or so, I am a planner after all!!!




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2 06 2010

I’ve got the same black hole in my race schedule between Quassy and Cedar Point too. If you find any good races between you and Boston, let me know!

2 06 2010

Race idea for you (and Jamie-tho not near Boston)-Muncie endurathon mid July-one of my favorite Half Ironman races

3 06 2010

Just found your blog! Gluten-free athlete here as well (diagnosed last year) and it’s really cool to know that it is possible for a busy mom like yourself 🙂

Hope things are amazing!

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