It’s still the little things that make me happy : )

1 06 2010

It really is the little things.  We were talking on the drive to the quarry yesterday (for a beau-ti-ful open water swim) about silly things, I won’t recount the conversation about naked swimming, although that might just be a fun post for later.  Anywhooooo, we were talking about coffee and I was fessing up to my absolute and utter addiction to those beautiful brown beans.  I was shocked to hear someone else in the car say they often go to bed at night looking forward to their morning coffee.

I was going to bed last night (after setting up my am coffee in my AWEsome Cuisinart coffee maker) looking forward to my yummy locally roasted coffee when I also realized it’s READING time!  I’m not sure what this says about my days, my wacky personality or what, but the other silly little thing I really, really look forward to is my few minutes of quiet reading at night.  I almost always fall asleep reading and I just love it.  I will find myself sitting at dinner thinking – yay, I get to read myself to sleep in 4 hours!  Then right before bed I set up my coffee for the morning and think, YAY, I get to have my deeeelish morning coffee in 10 hours!!  Seriously, maybe a therapist isn’t such a bad idea?!




2 responses

1 06 2010

where’s the need for a therapist? i think it sounds quite healthy, and actually, it is a habit of mine too. I can not fall asleep without reading and always set my coffee maker before bed. i don’t have a fancy coffee maker like you, but i have the addiction to the bean. it could be worse.

1 06 2010

Reading rocks! I LOVE it too. Coffee – I’d only love it more if it came in IV form… Have to have my java!

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