31 05 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!  Alright, well it’ll kinda be like a ‘soft opening’ that a restaurant does.  Tomorrow begins my mostly local summer.  I’ll be eating almost all my foods from a 100 mile radius.  The few exceptions will be brown rice, coffee, salt and oils.  I will however buy all those things as small or local as possible.  I had to get a few things to make my 100 mile experience run a little smoother.

I will also be investing in one of these:
so that I can still enjoy my morning corn grits.  I found a local mill that grinds grits and corn flour, but they grind it together with their wheat and rye so it’s a big no go for me.  I guess it’s my inner Little House on the Prairie coming out! I’m not going to dwell and whine about the foods I will miss (chocolate) because that would put a negative spin on the experiment.    Truthfully I’m pretty darn excited to get started and can’t wait to try lots of new food!!

I am sure I have a romanticized notion of my local eating in my crazy little head, but it wouldn’t be me if I  just went meekly and mildly into something new!




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