Goals for this week: Time to wake up from the mid-season slumber

30 05 2010

Things have been kinda harried around the coach Kati household lately.  We are in that end of school year, beginning of tri season manic rush.  This week I felt like I really need to stop and take a minute to lay out some goals for the week.


-Fit some quality time in with the kids with the crazy beginning of evening swim practice.

-Also fit in healthy dinners while we are running to swim practice in the evenings.  Atleast 2 sit down family dinners, if not dinner than good quality sit down breakfasts.


-Be rested and ready to coach the kids @ their first week of practice.  Somehow manage coaching my children without them breaking into tears or storming off deck.

-Get all athlete’s workouts written and ready before I leave for Quassy.

-Be the best athlete go-to gal for the REV3 timing team at Quassy!  Solve problems, help folks and be a general do-gooder!


-Get back on schedule and have drive and desire to get my workouts done.

-Run everyday this week, even if it’s a half mile afterschool with A.   Don’t get chicked by a ten year old.

-Two open water swims at the quarry.  Avoid the large bass ‘pedro’ at all costs.

-Three outside rides, one of which should be atleast 2 hours and one of which will be a tempo ride and one will be the Wed. night time trail which might just kill me, in a ‘dat, ‘dat, ‘dat ‘dat that don’t kill ya, will only make ya stronger kind of way.

-Three days of body weight strength exercises.  Including abs.  Especially abs.  Did I mention abs?!




One response

31 05 2010

Can’t wait to meet you at Quassy!! Awesome goals, btw!!

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