American Triple T: These are a few of my favorite things!

25 05 2010

I have to admit this will take about 4 posts to cover.  The race was just epic – there’s just so much to tell!  Camping, 72 hours of togetherness with my husband, 4 races, tornado warnings . .  . It goes on and on, I’ll try not to go on and on!

Just as my dear husband has predicted, I have swung from swearing never, EVER to do that race again (on Sunday about mid bike) to plotting my revenge on the course next year.  Glutton for punishment?  Short memory?  I like to think of it “as always up for an adventure!”

The thing that really set the Triple T apart from an Ironman was the delirium.    We covered the same number of miles as a regular ironman, but spreading it out over three days just kicked the exhaustion up a notch or five.  Between races it was so tempting to visit with all your old and new friends you just bonded with over the pain of the hills, but there was food to be eaten and naps to be taken!  By Sunday’s race I couldn’t even trust myself to make reasonable decisions.  I couldn’t put my front bike wheel on correctly by myself.  I tried to put my wetsuit on – backwards.

The fun thing about the delirium was that I got to share it with my wonderful husband PLUS all the folks that were out there suffering with me on the course.

My favorite Saturday moment was when we were sitting in the creek (just like an ice bath, only with a bunch of your new friends):

Apparently a lot of people cramp up on the swim Sat. afternoon.   The bike/swim/run format is a little different than what people are used to and I guess often people’s bodies exact revenge with massive leg cramps while exiting the swim.  That’s right – bike 25 miles, swim 1500 meters then wham – total leg cramping.   Some of our creek friends saw a poor guy that cramped just as he tried to stand up to get out of the water.  Unable to stand he just swam as fast as he could to the shore and ‘beached’ himself, just like a walrus.  Imagine a grown man flopping around in his wetsuit trying to stand up, unsuccessfully.

Guess you had to be there, but I still laugh telling the story.

Here were my favorite Sunday afternoon quotes:

One racer said to his teammate as they passed on the bike on Sunday (right before the big climb) “This medal better earn me some sexual favors or something!”
On the run Sunday, one racer yelled at his friend “Hey does this top make me look like a fat ass?” His friend replied “No, it’s your fat ass that makes you look like a fat ass!”

The togetherness (both with my husband/ race partner AND my fellow racers) really made the race for me.  Race after race you lined up next to the same folks, thinking oh crap – we have to do ANOTHER?!?  We made a lot off friends and I loved hearing everyone’s stories.  I love to hear all about why other people sign up for these wacky race, all about their families, their travels and their other races.  It totally made the race for me!

Here is a quick photo recap of our adventure: (there is video coverage still to come, but in general because we were both racing all weekend there wasn’t much photo taking going on!)

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25 05 2010
Laura Wheatley

Kati- I reserved a cabin for next year again 🙂 I’ll be out there with ya girl!

8 08 2011
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[…] next big race I have decided on is the American Triple T in Ohio.  Much like a stand alone marathon I swore I would not return to this race and willingly […]

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